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Busi. 410 HW 3 Q2

Busi. 410 HW 3 Q2 - Thus with 95 confidence we can say that...

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3.3% MOE 95 % Confidence Interval (agree that immigrants contribute positively to society): 37.7% to 44.3% Join society/ give 0.41 Stay separate/ take 0.36 Depends 0.17 Unsure 0.06 95% Confidence Interval (agree that US should increase number of legal immigrants): 20.7% to 27.3% Increase 0.24 Decrease 0.51 No change 0.17 Unsure 0.08 This sample only includes 900 voters. To summarize the opinions of all registered voters we must assume some amount of difference in opinions from our sample.
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Unformatted text preview: Thus, with 95% confidence we can say that if ALL voters were polled their responses would come within +/- 3.3% of all the percentages given by the 900 person sample group (for both polls). Join society/ Stay separate/ take 36% Depends 17% Unsure 6% Public Opinion: Immigrant Increase 24% Decrease 51% No change 17% Unsure 8% Proposed Immigration Legislat / give 41% ts tion...
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