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BCH 6206 First Exam Thursday, September 28, 2006 Frost (72) _________________ O’Brien (14) _______________ Stevens (7) ________________ Kilberg (7)_________________ Total (100) ________________
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Name:______________________________ 2 1.) (5 points) Shown to the right is picture of centrifugation tube, loaded with different concentrations of sucrose. Describe the type of centrifugation that this represents, the principles behind the technique, and an example for which this application would be useful. 2.) The Figure that accompanies this question represents a western blot (immunoblot) of a membrane protein (protein X, shown as a doublet) whose expression is thought to regulate a signaling system that is associated with improved response to cancer drugs. In this experiment, three different drugs were tested for their effect on protein X. Answer the two questions below. 2a.) (3 points) Three different membrane fractions from a liver cancer cell line were collected to assess the expression of protein X. How would you determine the identity of each of these membrane fractions? (You may pick specific subcellular compartments to assist in your discussion, if you chose). 2b.) (3 points) Experimentally, do you have sufficient information about the effect of the drug to recommend one over the others? Please state why you have come to your conclusion, whether your answer is yes or no. 1 2 3 A B C A B C A B C protein X expressed in fraction Membrane fraction Drug
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