Signal2-2006 - Transmembrane Signaling(part ll Growth...

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Transmembrane Signaling (part ll) Dr. Susan C. Frost BCH 6206 Reading: Chapter 19, pgs 683-707, 714-720 and selected reading copyright: Susan C. Frost Growth Factor Receptors Topics for Transmembrane Signaling (part ll) Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Family Deciphering the Insulin Signaling Cascade "Digital" Ras Signaling ) ) ) Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Figure 1 -S-S- -S-S- -S-S- Cysteine- rich region Immunoglobulin-like domain Tyrosine kinase domain EGF Receptor PDGF Receptor NGF Receptor Insulin IGF-1 Receptor(s) adapted from Yarden and Ullrich (1988) Metabolic and Growth-promoting Effects of Insulin from Kahn (1985) Metabolic effects (observed at low concentrations of insulin, rapid response) stimulation of glucose transport and metabolism stimulation of glycogen synthesis stimulation of lipogenesis inhibition of lipolysis stimulation of ion flux Growth-promoting effects (observed at higher concentrations of insulin, delayed response) stimulation of DNA synthesis stimulation of cell growth and differentiation ! $ $ $ $ $ ! $ $ Figure 2
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Potency: Metabolic Effect versus Growth Effect 100 0 0 . 1 50 IGF1 Insulin P r o l i f e a t n B s C c ( % ) Concentration of hormone ( g/ml) adapted from Stewart et al. (1990)
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Signal2-2006 - Transmembrane Signaling(part ll Growth...

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