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References for Transport I General Stein, W.D. (1986) Membrane transport. Academic Press. (This is a book) Schultz, S.G. (1980) Basic principles of membrane transport. Cambridge University Press. *Henderson, P.J.F. (1993) The 12-transmembrane helix transporters. Current Biology 5 , 708-721. (review) Glucose Transport Lienhard, G.E., Slot, J.W., James, D.E., and Mueckler, M.M. (1992) How cells absorb glucose. Sci. Am. 266 , 86-91. Walmsley, A.R. (1988) The dynamics of the glucose transporter. Trends Biochem. Sci. 13 , 226-231. Kayano, T., Burant, C.F., Fukumoto, H, Gould, G.W., Fan, Y.-S., Eddy, R.L., Byers, M.G., Shows, T.B., Seino, S., and Bell, G.I. (1990) Human facilitative glucose transporters. J. Biol. Chem. 265 , 13276-13282. Bell, G.I., Burant, C.F., Takeda, J., and Gould, G.W. (1993) Structure and function of mammalian facilitative sugar transporters. J. Biol. Chem. 268
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Unformatted text preview: , 19161-19164. Thomas, H.M., Brant, A.M., Colville, C.A., Seatter, M.J., and Gould, C.W. (1992) Tissue-specific expression of facilitative glucose transporters: a rationale. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 20 , 538-542. Gibbs, E.M., Stock, J.L., McCord, S.C., Stukenbrok, H.A., Pessin, J.E., Stevenson, R.W., Milici, A.J., and McNeisch, J.D. (1995) Glycemic Improvement in diabetic db/db mice by overexpression of the human insulin-regulatable glucose transporter (GLUT4). J. Clin. Invest. 95 , 1512-1518. Ion Transport Cantley, L. (1986) Ion transport systems sequenced. Trends Neurosci. 9 , 1-3. Carafoli, E. and Penniston, J.T. (1985) The calcium signal. Sci. Am. 253 , 70-78. Jencks, W.P. (1989) How does a calcium pump pump calcium? J. Biol. Chem. 264 , 18855-18858. Fambrough, D.M. (1988) The sodium pump becomes a family. Trends Neurosci. 11 , 325-328....
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