Lecture 52 - Lecture 52 Transcriptional regulation and...

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1 DNA RNA Protein Replication Transcription Translation Lecture 52: Transcriptional regulation and processing Today’s lecture: Text pp. 1058-1060, 1086-1100 Preprinted lecture notes 66-75, 97 Download from http://biochem.med.ufl.edu/coursetemp.php?cid=44 or http://www.mbi.ufl.edu/facilities/msg/bch4024-notes.html Minireview of prokaryotic transciption and regulation Eukaryotic transcription, processing and regulation Prokaryotic transcription 1) RNA polymerase a) multimeric protein complex α 2 ββ σω α 2 Æ Chain initiation, interacts with regulatory proteins β Æ Chain initiation, elongation (forms phosphodiester bond) β Æ DNA binding σ Æ Promoter recognition and binding; loosely bound ω Æ Unknown b) σ subunit is important for binding to correct initiation site of a gene (promoter) c) Core enzyme continues the polymerization reaction 2) Polymerization reaction 1) Uses ribonucleoside triphosphates 2) Requires DNA template 3) Chain growth is 5’ Æ 3’ 4) Unwinds DNA in local region and displaces RNA as DNA rewinds 5) Copies only one strand of DNA 6) Disengages at specific termination sequences (symmetrical GC- rich sections followed by A-rich segment) or ρ factor binds Can be dissociated and reassociated with subunits from different prokaryotes which σ is used can be altered based on environment
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Lecture 52 - Lecture 52 Transcriptional regulation and...

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