Lecture 53 - Lecture 53: Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes DNA...

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1 Eukaryotic RNA polymerases rRNA synthesis DNA RNA Protein Replication Transcription Translation Lecture 53: Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes Today’s lecture: Text pp. 1086-1100 Preprinted lecture notes 105-111 Download from http://biochem.med.ufl.edu/coursetemp.php?cid=44 or http://www.mbi.ufl.edu/facilities/msg/bch4024-notes.html Eukary. transcriptional reg. Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes ¾ Increased complexity; different RNA polymerases Polymerase I—pre-rRNA Polymerase II—structural pre-mRNA, some snRNA Polymerase III—pre-tRNA, 5S rRNA, other small RNAs ¾ Positive vs. negative control Transcription factors; hormone receptors ¾ Regulation at transcription: specific factors, hormones and positive modulators of transcription Transcription is precisely programmed during development and tissue differentiation. This is why there is so much interest in stem cells and dedifferentiating cells. ¾ Chromatin structural changes at active sites DNA is condensed in the nucleus. It has to be selectively unwound for transcription . ¾ Spatial separation of transcription and translation pre-mRNA is processed before export from the nucleus ¾ Post-transcriptional regulation Alternative splicing of transcripts ( introns and exons ) mRNA stability ( 5’ capping, 3’ poly A tail ) Translational control ( as above and protein binding )
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2 mRNA transcription by polymerase II
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Lecture 53 - Lecture 53: Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes DNA...

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