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BCH 4024 Introduction to biochemistry and molecular biology Dr. Joanna Long RNA and molecular biology review questions 1. What are the three major types of RNA? What are their roles in going from DNA to protein? 2. At what level (replication, transcription, translation) does most regulation occur for which genes will be expressed? 3. What is the most abundant and stable type of RNA in a typical prokaryotic cell? 4. Which is most accurate (has the highest fidelity): DNA replication, RNA transcription, or RNA translation? 5. What are the similarities and differences in prokaryotic RNA transcription vs. DNA replication? 6. Which subunit of prokaryotic RNA polymerase is responsible for specific interactions with the promoter region of the DNA? 7. What determines the start position for RNA transcription? 8. Which base pairing interactions are most stabe? Least stable (for RNA)? 9. What two mechanisms lead to termination of RNA transcription in prokaryotes? 10.
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