STA3032 Course outline Summer 2011

STA3032 Course outline Summer 2011 - STA 3032 Engineering...

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STA 3032 Engineering Statistics – Summer A 2011 Prerequisite : MAC2311 Section 1024 Monday to Friday 9:30 – 10:45 in CSE E222 Instructor: Dr. Yasar Yesilcay ( ) Office: Griffin Floyd 101B, Phone: ( 352) 273 – 1839 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:40 – 12:35 and by appointment Course Documents at Teaching Assistants: TBA Course Description: In this course we will a survey of the basic concepts in probability and statistics with engineering applications. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous random variables, estimation, hypothesis testing and linear and multiple regression. [General Education: Mathematics (M), Math Requirement (MR)] Course Materials Required: 1) Navidi, William Statistics for Engineers and Scientists 3rd Ed., 2010, McGraw Hill [ISBN: 978-0-07-337633-2] 2) Calculator capable of calculating means ( X ) and standard deviations (S and σ, some calculators show these as σ n-1 and σ n respectively). If your calculator also estimates the intercept (a) and slope (b) in y = a + bX and the correlation coefficient (r) (in simple linear regression) it is much better. DO NOT INVEST TOO MUCH IN ANY FANCY CALCULATOR. Statistical software: Some assignments require the use of statistical software, such as Minitab (a statistical computing package) and tests and lecture notes will use Minitab printouts. Minitab can be found on the CIRCA lab computers, may be purchased at the campus bookstore. You may also
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This note was uploaded on 06/07/2011 for the course STA 3032 taught by Professor Kyung during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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STA3032 Course outline Summer 2011 - STA 3032 Engineering...

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