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STA3032 Quiz 7 - b What is the null hypothesis c Can you...

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NAME (in CAPITALS): UFID Section: 7370 / 7393 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS STA3032 QUIZ 7 Spring 2011 Problem 12 on page 429 (Section 6.5) The following Minitab output presents the results of a hypothesis test for the difference μ X – μ Y between two population means. Two – sample T for X vs Y N Mean StDev SE Mean X 135 3.94 2.65 0.23 Y 180 4.43 2.38 0.18 Difference = mu (X) – mu (Y) Estimate for difference = – 0.48442 95% upperbound for the difference: - 0007380 T-test of difference = 0 (vs < 0): T-value = - 1.68 p-value = 0.047 DF = 270 Parts (a) to (d) are bonus questions worth one point each. a. Is this a one-tailed or two-tailed test?
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Unformatted text preview: b. What is the null hypothesis? c. Can you reject Ho at 5% level? How can you tell? d. The output presents a Student’s t-test. Compute the p-value using a z – test. Are the results similar? Parts (e) and (f) are worth 5 points each. Show as much detail as you can in your answers. e. Use the output and an appropriate table to compute a 99 % confidence interval for μ X – μ Y based on the z-statistic. f. What is the formula you have used for ME in part e? Why did you use that and not one of the other two formulas you have seen in class?...
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