Assignment 4 - Executive management is trying to assess the...

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The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, Business Foundations Program ACC 310F: Foundations of Accounting, Fall 2010 Assignment 4
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Once you have completed the assignment below, you must enter your answers on the answer sheet provided in the Assignments section of Blackboard; not all answers will be turned in. Although you can “Save” your answers while working, you must “Submit” them to get credit for the assignment. Once submitted, your answers cannot be changed. Where appropriate, partial credit will be given. Your answer sheet is due by 8am on November 8, 2010; print or save your confirmation page to verify that your assignment was successfully submitted. Part A Use the information related to Bob Johnson in the class notes for chapters 10 and 11 to prepare a flexible budget report. Part B Cost data for the Crown Point Cabinetry Company is available below.
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Unformatted text preview: Executive management is trying to assess the performance of Brian Stowell, the companys Manager of Production. Budget Actual Units 6,000 4,500 Costs Factory Maintenance Costs (variable) $15,000 $6,750 Glue 300 236 Miscellaneous materials (brushes, spacers, etc.) 600 360 Paint and stain 7,500 5,063 Quality Control-Production (variable) 39,000 35,100 Rent for Factory Equipment 3,200 3,500 Salaries for Office Staff 450,000 337,500 Salaries for Production Management 82,000 131,200 Utilities 3,000 2,475 Wages for Cleaning Crew 180,000 121,500 Wages for Production Staff 300,000 191,250 Wood 120,000 99,000 Total $1,200,600 $933,934 Required 1. Prepare a performance report using a flexible budget for the manager of production, Brian Stowell. 2. Comment on his overall results and speculate on what may have caused three of the differences....
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Assignment 4 - Executive management is trying to assess the...

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