ADV 318J - 8-28 Q What is Advertising-Salespersonship(makes...

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8-28 Q: What is Advertising? -Salespersonship (makes the different between success and failure) Key Questions: 1. Does it work? 2. Does it do good? 3. Does it do bad? Does it work? A: Clearly, we wouldn’t be here otherwise EX. “A Diamond is Forever” o Q: How does DeBeers maintain high prices? A: By withholding supply and clever advertising/marketing campaigns Japanese Culture - Japanese didn’t have many marriage rituals involving diamonds, but DeBeer reached them through clever marking… over 80% of engaged couples have rings o Q : How do you double your demand? A: Establish new demand -> market for other hand Does it do Good? A: Yes EX. “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Does it do Bad? A: Yes EX. Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling, and Guns (Troublesome Four) Full of Contradictions Advertising is more art than science – trouble putting advertising into a college on campus. ~Almost all classes on a university’s curriculum could be an advertising class of your imaginative enough~ Both business and social Everyone is an expert but no one can predict Highly visible but at the same time highly suspect Advertising/PR is at the heart of a market directed economy Competition drives the market economy o You must be creative based on the information given We are moving towards free information (internet) o Consumers are moving to two way messages Advertising and Marketing is big business US = EST. 285 Billion (2.0%) Non US = EST. 383 Billion (6.3%) Total = EST. 668 Billion (4.4%) Advertising has young employees 3 Factors: creativity, enthusiasm, and hard work Women tend to do well in advertising
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o They tend to be the shoppers (audience targeted) Advertising is susceptible to chance o 2005 – For the first time youths (15-24) are spending more time online than watching TV 9-2 4 Screens: 1. Television 2. Computer 3. Cell Phone 4. TV Screens in places of congregation EX. Airports, elevators, Times Square On Spot Digital Network founded by Pubicis Group and Simon Property Group 49 Malls in 14 DMAs 1,300 Screens 350K per month 8 minute loop, 8 - ::30 second spots o Ads are in shopping area rather than entertainment area Consumer finds ads less disruptive Innovative IBP Report : Pedigree’s Guerilla Marketing – Chalk Art Guerilla Marketing : edgy, inexpensive, promotional incentives executed in major urban markets Purpose: generate Buzz or discussion/ conversation value Integrated web to make it interactive with online voting PR spiked media coverage (news) Coordinated perfectly with launch of “Dogs Rule” Campaign Sadly Rain washed all the artwork away.
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ADV 318J - 8-28 Q What is Advertising-Salespersonship(makes...

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