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Lecture Notes 2 - 10-2 Types of Product Placement 1 Brand...

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10-2 Types of Product Placement 1. Brand is inserted in movies, videogames, TV shows, etc. EX Scion in video games 2. Brand integrated into storyline EX 30 Rock – Jack suggests integrating GE products into story i. Close to reality 3. Brand Sponsors original content Ray Ban- Never Hide Brand Networking - Q: What does a brand mean to you? Brands have been at the core of marketing from the beginning 200 different types of wine in Pompeii For marking you have to have a brand name Brand Names Intangible corporate assets o Wal-mart went from 4 to 1 over Coca-Cola Provide the basis for developing effective IBP campaigns Consumers create their own conception o Q : What is your favorite candy bar? A: Everyone’s experience is different assigning experience value (+,-) ~Contrast Theory - expectations are low, consumers exaggerate the other way (and vice versa) ~Sniff Test - something just isn’t right EX Tiger Woods + Buick = No good (according to Dr. Murphy) ~Brain Mind Map -“A structure of attributes, association comparisons, and other elements through which a consumer creates meaning for an individual brand” 3 ways information is stored in your brain 1. Attributes – “this brand tastes good/bad/bitter/sweet” 2. In relation to other objects- how it compares 3. Relates to events, people, and experiences Brand Sense-Martin Lindstrom (2005) Successful brands tap into multiple sense channels o Smell Smell of perfume in Taiwan brought back memories 75% of our emotions are generated by smell o Smell = strongest memory aid “The calming new scent of the Westin” = white tea Westin put white tea candles all over hotels Dr. Murphy’s mom’s shampoo – Peril Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products Used to clean with chemicals and hated the smell o Sound Intel does well with Sound So does Harley Davidson (Engine Sound)
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Tried to copyright for 6 years, very distinct and part of brand experience Honda Commercial- range of sounds associated with driving experience Science Study of Neutrons: Blind Taste Test (Baylor College of Medicine) 1. Blind taste test- even split Only 1 part of the brain was used 2. Colas identified (Coke v. Pepsi) 3 out of 4 chose Coke Used other parts of brain to decide Brand loyalty overrides taste Brain Mind Maps Summary “A structure of attributes, association comparisons, and other elements through which a consumer creates meaning for an individual brand” Brand info: 1 attributes 2.other objects 3. Events, experience, people 5 senses used to gather info Brand Mind Map offers rich potential for understanding consumer’s perspective 10-7 David Ogilvy- great advertiser, started company in New York in 1948 (Ogilvy and Mather) “View from Touffou” (1984) 1. To provide insights into the man – tells his life story in ten minutes 2. To provide a short course in Ogilvy’s philosophy in advertising Big Ideas – central creative concept, spark of an advertising campaign
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