Major Project 1 - MEMORANDUM TO: Dr. Murphy & Kevin Thomas...

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M E M O R A N D U M TO: FROM: Matt Fisher (Wed. 7-8) DATE: September 13, 2008 RE: PART 1: Comparative Evaluation A) Brand Name- Reflects Brand Concept: Channel No. 5 (C) is a neutral name, so it doesn’t do a very effective job of reflecting the brand concept. C sounds like a science experiment that went wrong the first four times so it almost gives the product a negative image. On the other hand Miss Dior Chérie (D) offers substance. Chérie is French for my dear or sweetheart. Although D is for a more mature audience the use of the word “miss” makes the product a bit more youthful. And who wouldn’t want to feel younger? D reflects the brand concept better. Simplicity: C offers a very simple name and is very easy to remember. D is not so simple because it is in part French and since the language is foreign to the US it is harder to remember. C has a simpler name. Distinctiveness: C by itself leaves room for question (very generic), but once the designer name is tagged on, the distinctiveness is increased. D is very distinctive and leaves no room for confusion or copyright infringement with or without the designer’s name. D offers a name that could not be mistaken for another product unlike C, so D’s name is more distinctive. Appropriateness: C’s name is appropriate and straight to the point, which is the product. It isn’t too cute, clever or dear; it simply lets the product speak for itself. But like it has been stated before the product sounds like an experiment and delivers a
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Major Project 1 - MEMORANDUM TO: Dr. Murphy & Kevin Thomas...

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