Major Project 2 - MEMORANDUM TO FROM DATE RE Dr Murphy...

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M E M O R A N D U M TO: FROM: Matt Fisher (Wed. 7-8) DATE: October 20, 2008 RE: Major Project #2 – Brand Mind Map and Marketing Implications The purpose of this memorandum is to convey my response to the five questions posed in the project’s directions. The following responses are based on the analysis of my brother’s, Jeremy Fisher, mind map. The responses are separated in five different sections labeled (A) through (E). A) The most important consumer insight revealed by my subject’s mind map is that Jeremy truly cherishes his relationships with friends and family . Almost every memory he had connected to McDonald’s pertained to his friends or family. Even at an early age, he remembered his birthday parties by remembering how our mom felt about McDonald’s and that he was able to invite all his friends for a great time. His concern for relationships formed many solid and happy memories by connecting his positive experiences to his perspective about a McDonald’s. The most enjoyable experiences he now associates with the brand are always about times in the past when he was accompanied by others. Clearly, my subject is
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Major Project 2 - MEMORANDUM TO FROM DATE RE Dr Murphy...

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