Major Project 3 - ADV 318J Fall 2008 Ad Selected Lincoln...

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ADV 318J -- Fall 2008 Name: Matt Fisher Ad Selected: Lincoln Lab: W7 Print Advertising Evaluation Form 1. Using the circulation demographic information provided plus your own analysis of the ad you selected, define the target audience for the ad (maximum of 50 words). Note that the target audience for the ad consists of some subset of readers of The New Yorker . In discussing the ad, abbreviate Lincoln Financial Group (L), Hewlett-Packard (H-P), and Sub-Zero (S-Z). TARGET AUDIENCE : The target audience for L is well-educated female working professionals ages ranging from 25-35 starting their careers and life. These women can be married or single either way they are women with their financial futures prevalent on their minds with concern either for their families or independent living. 2. Evaluate the headline, illustration, body copy and layout/design of the ad by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. Under each of these elements discuss why you feel the selected ad would be effective or ineffective and explain why. HEADLINE : Strengths : L’s headline is not only relevant to the ad but also to the target audience. It ties together the whole ad and provides a complete selling story at a glance . After reading the headline the reader is either coaxed into reading the body copy or following the link for more information and according to Bernbach its always good to include the brand name . Weaknesses : Sadly, even though its relevant and brings the ad together; it does not grab the audience’s attention being at the bottom of the page in small print the reader has to find/figure out where and what the headline is. O’Guinn (OG) also suggests a headline should set the tone or emotion which unfortunately L’s headline fails to accomplish, being bland and declarative. Overall, even though the strengths seem overwhelming, it’s missing the true essence of a headline, which is to grab the reader’s attention, proving the headline doesn’t serve its purpose making it
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Major Project 3 - ADV 318J Fall 2008 Ad Selected Lincoln...

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