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Textbook%20Notes%202 - ADV 318J Dr Murphy's Textbook Notes...

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ADV 318J Dr. Murphy’s Textbook Notes OG’s Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion (5e) These notes highlight areas Dr. Murphy considers most important and that he emphasizes in developing exam questions. In addition, the notes identify areas (concepts, exhibits, etc.) that will not be included on the exams. WARNING : The Textbook Notes are not designed to be a substitute for reading each of the entire chapters. Students are accountable for reading all material in the chapters. The highlighted areas account for approximately 85% of the exam questions over material presented in the textbook. Tips for doing well on text questions : (1) Keep up with your readings -- read the chapters as they are assigned. (2) In reading a chapter, begin by skimming the material quickly to get an overview and then read the summary. Next, read the chapter thoroughly for understanding and develop a set of outline notes. Making a set of notes in your own words seems to be the most effective method of developing a thorough understanding of the material. (3) Pay particular attention to major headings, subheadings, bold face terms (“Key Terms” at the end of the chapter) and each chapter summary . Many questions come from issues to be considered, concepts, etc. presented in the summary. Note: a indicates special emphasis; eg = example; gist = the essence or main point(s) but not specific details of a section, article, or argument; ctp = critical thinking point; OG = Tom O’Guinn, our author; and, jhm = Dr. Murphy.
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Chapter 7 -- Advertising and Promotion Research (5e) Highlight 226 introduction of New Coke in 1985 illustrates that (1) relying on research alone can lead to marketing disaster; and, (2) never, ever, ever confuse a product with a brand. Coke possessed cultural meaning way beyond simple taste. 226 Fig. 7.1 -- Bernbach is on the record as being misunderstood by O’Guinn and others; Mr. B. believed: (1) one needs solid research to form the basis for developing effective advertising; but, (2) research never comes up with a creative idea, it is what one does with the research insights that really matters and research alone should not dictate which ad to use. 229 Ex. 7.4 -- dimensions on which to evaluate research -- definitions of reliability, validity, trustworthiness, and meaningfulness 229 three types of research that are major headings in chapter: developmental, copy and results- oriented research; why do some consider developmental research the most valuable kind?; developmental aka consumer insight -- this is type research Bernbach demanded 230 method: audience profiling -- provides insights into members of target audience, lifestyle research is used for deeper understanding of how brands fit into consumers’ lives, etc. 231
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Textbook%20Notes%202 - ADV 318J Dr Murphy's Textbook Notes...

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