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ADV 345 - Executive Summary The main goal of our media plan...

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Executive Summary The main goal of our media plan is to increase awareness of the Half Price Books identity. Half Price Books has stayed so true to their original goal of providing affordable reading material that we wanted a media plan that reflected their true motives. Our media plan actually covers a pretty wide geographic area in order to include all the suburbs around Phoenix. There are currently four stores open in the phoenix area and there is about to be a fifth we did not want to leave any store without publicity to we decided a 20 mile radius would be best to ensure no store is left out. We really felt the target market for Half Price Books was the young college professionals and families with small children. We think the used book aspect of Half Price would really attract college students looking to save money on leisure and academic reading. Half Price also has a dedicated children section which helps families trying to entertain little ones while working on a budget.
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