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Media Menu2 - out t-shirts and inviting them to a weekly...

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Media Menu: Other Book Fair Tour through elementary and high schools o Details: We hit 10 different schools on the tour in the phoenix area, really to provide an entertaining environment with the kids and books to positively position our store with them. The purpose really isn’t to sell books but to have kids have a fun experience with books. o Promotional: Just contact the schools and set up the date. The event will be promotional enough. o Costs: Each stop costs around $500 for set up and break down. And $150 for traveling expenses between each school. Totaling $6,500 Half Price Books Truck, similar to ice cream truck o Details: This could be a guerilla tactic. Have these trucks drive around campus and sell books and buy back book o Promotional: o Costs: Each Truck renovation and operating cost are probably around the $20,000’s Hand out T-shirts at Library o Details: Meet and greet table in front of the library where we table about what customers are looking for in a used book venue. We encourage discussion by handing
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Unformatted text preview: out t-shirts and inviting them to a weekly book discussion in a local store. o Promotional: We could place a couple radio spots to announce the days we will be in front of the library. o Costs: *view guerilla powerpoint* We make 500 T-shirts costing $4 per shirt. . totaling $2,000 • Paper machete statues contest from old periodicals to attract teachers o Details: Send out the information to every school and allow each school to make 2, Winning school receives a generous book donation to the library. The purpose of this event is to get teachers engaged with our brand. To let them know Half Price Books is an experience. Display the paper machete at the local mall o Promotional: Take out some poster spots in the mall to advertise whats going to be going on in the next couple weeks. Then send notices to the participating schools and teachers o Costs: OOH mall billboards and rent floor space, probably$5,000 for promotion of the event, judges, and prizes...
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Media Menu2 - out t-shirts and inviting them to a weekly...

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