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ALD327Book2Review - schools”(4 ”the well-equipped Jim...

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Content: -challenges facing the Afr-Amer. Student have been terrible -separate and unequal -unsafe and substandard schools -dream for quality edu because that’s where the dream is realized -slaves: not allowed to read or be educated -AfrAmer lag behind white counterparts on standard acad. Achievement measures considering experimental programs for AA boys 3x as likely to drop out, 5x as likely to depend on welfare edu = escape -AfrAmer scholar: Irvine segregation has increased ”school seemed like home…everyone there was black (3)” ”most inner-city students already attend de facto segregated
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Unformatted text preview: schools” (4) ”the well-equipped Jim Crow school is a rare exception (5)” ”persistent mistreatment of AA students in desegregated Northern schools” (5) higher grad at HBCUs than white-schools for AA (6) desegregating schools benefits whites more than AA (6) AA in private schools perform better than they do in pub schools high-income & stable AA families still produce inferior students than white-AfrAmer teacher:-AfrAmer parent:-Central HS: Little Rock-Ole Miss:-Bama:-Boston Pub. Schools:-Brownsville NY: Personal Reflection: Strengths: Weaknesses:...
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ALD327Book2Review - schools”(4 ”the well-equipped Jim...

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