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Griffin Warner ALD327 September 23, 2009 Educational Autobiography My name is Griffin Warner and I am a senior at the University of Texas at Austin. I am double-majoring in Broadcast Journalism along with Sport Management. My goal is to get out of college this year and try to take a year off to work in a professional sports organization before getting myself ready for law school. Now that you know about me currently, I am going to do my best to explain how I got here. I was born on October 27, 1988 at 6:02 eastern time in the Women’s and Infants hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. My mother’s name is Laurie and my father’s name is David. I hardly see my parents because I live more than two thousand miles away from them, but recently my dad came down. It wasn’t exactly to see me, although he made sure to mention that I was part of the reason he came for the trip, but it was for a fraternity brother’s son’s bar mitzvah two weekends ago. Unfortunately, I have nowhere near the relationship with my dad that I do with my mom. My parents decided to get a divorce when I was 10 right around Christmas time. It seemed to me that my mom got tired of my dad “mooching” off of her as my dad lost his job as a banker and she was the lone supporter of the family for a while. After their divorce, my dad fled to Vermont to pursue a job with an adventure company that sold ski slope equipment. While my dad was gone, my mom took care of my school bills mainly with the help of my grandfather. It was her choice to keep me in a catholic elementary school all
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the way until eighth grade. She was laid off last year from an executive position in the marketing division of a billion-dollar Swiss plastics company, so now I am paying all of my bills. I realize that getting through three years of college was more of a blessing than other people get, but at the same time I am struggling at the moment to balance two jobs
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ALD327EduAutobiographyPaper - Griffin Warner ALD327...

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