ALD327Field Notes

ALD327Field Notes - -Cesar “Where’s that white girl...

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Field Notes (McCallum High School): -“You’re white, you should be happy” Cesar said to Jackie as we started the class -black guy Aaron & Mexican guy Cesar kept poking this blonde girl Jackie and trying to annoy her -Vianey (Hispanic girl) was the most interested in studying and learning -Jackie (white girl) wasn’t paying attention, more texting on her phone -Aaron (black guy) didn’t read the selections and instead he would just guess letters for the multiple choice section -Black mother came in yelling at her son Tyshawn for “putting his hands on her.” The security/policeman told her if she keeps yelling like this then she’d be asked to leave. And then she got removed from the school by an on-campus policemen and he told her she wouldn’t be allowed at the school again. She screamed in response saying, “I’m not coming down here one more time if you even touch that tramp again”
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Unformatted text preview: -Cesar “Where’s that white girl at” when we were waiting to set up-Aaron (black guy) was the most skilled in mathematics-Vianey (Hispanic girl) struggled in math-art display as you enter school-trophy display as you walk through the hall-blue lockers with locks-some lockers dented but no graffiti-several policemen around campus-school was pretty clean-boyfriends and girlfriends holding hands-friends passing by and saying hi/giving high-fives-people hanging out in the halls until the security people force them to move in-kids hanging out in the same places at their “spot”-always a lot of students in the main office-the bell rings like more of a buzzer-busy hallways when classes switch What-a-burger on Lamar:-black server singing in the drive thru and in the restaurant and no one cares-he seems happy and although it’s relatively unprofessional no one stops him...
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ALD327Field Notes - -Cesar “Where’s that white girl...

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