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Griffin Warner ALD327 November 29, 2009 Field Project McCallum High School in Austin, Texas is referred to as an “Outstanding Advanced Placement School” by the Southwest Region for it success in courses in all disciplines. The school prides itself on the expert classes that it offers in English, mathematics, social studies, foreign language, art history, and music theory. While these classes are great for the top students, I saw many of the other students slipping through the cracks of the high school during my volunteer hours. For the fall semester, I volunteered in a program called “College Readiness.” It ran from 2:30 p.m. until 3:25 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons, and was actually a required class for the students who were enrolled. It seemed odd to me that the class ran so late because at first I thought it was an after-school program, but students had to hustle out of the classroom to attend another class afterwards and that cut short our preparation time almost everyday. My job as a tutor was to help the students who needed to increase their aptitude in writing, mathematics and reading. All the kids I worked with had
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failed at least one section of a standardized test that they were required to pass in order to enter a post-secondary college or university. If they did not pass the test, they would need to take remedial classes to prepare them for the institution they were moving towards and scholarships wouldn’t cover those classes and they wouldn’t count for the student’s degree plan. Those extra classes have been a major barrier to higher education for lower socioeconomic families because they often keep underprivileged students from continuing their education. The time commitment and the expenses prove to be too much for many high school seniors that want to go to college, and the program exists to help them avoid that situation. The College Readiness course requires an extensive application process
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ALD327FieldProject - Griffin Warner ALD327 Field Project...

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