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Griffin Warner ALD327 December 10, 2009 Final Exam Education in the United States has improved greatly from its early days, but it still has a long way to go. Standardized testing has developed to the point where all students are required to be on the same level, but there is a disturbing trend that shows certain groups failing to reach those standards more than others. Minorities fail the tests required to progress to the next level at alarmingly high rates when compared to their white classmates, and that is unacceptable for such a civilized country in the 21st century. Changes need to be made in order to enhance academic performance, decriminalize youth, lessen stereotype threats and mentor the historically marginalized students. Higher education is the best way to raise one's socioeconomic status, but it is impossible to get there if an entire group of students are unable to pass high school. Gloria Ladson-Billings wrote The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children to discuss culturally relevant pedagogy. She offered insight from people who were actively involved in the learning process prior to advising readers on how to teach black students. According to the book (2009), segregation has failed to make public education equal because whites consistently outperform blacks in every category. Ladson-Billings qualified that statement by including stories narrated by the characters in her book. An African American scholar spoke about her life in public school saying, "School seemed like home. ..everyone there was black." She affirmed the
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author's claim that segregation did not work when she said, "Most inner-city students already attend defacto segregated schools," and the scholar also referenced "persistent mistreatment of African American students in desegregated Northern schools." After demonstrating the need for improvement in schools with a high concentration of black students, there was a movement towards describing cultural relevance and the teaching strategies that needed to go along with it. Ladson-Billings
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ALD327FinalExam - Griffin Warner ALD327 December 10, 2009...

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