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Griffin Warner ALD327 October 6, 2009 Subtractive Schooling Book Review Author Angela Valenzuela’s book Subtractive Schooling details the life of Mexican-American students attending an inner-city high school in Houston, Texas. She introduces a notion called the “politics of caring,” and she uses it consistently throughout the text when explaining how difficult it is for non-English speakers to attend an English- speaking high school. Minority students face challenges from every angle at Juan Seguin High School. These plights came from other classmates, parents, teachers and administrators in a variety of ways. Beneath them was a theorem called the politics of caring, which Valenzuela portrayed as more of an excuse than an actual feeling of remorse for a child’s situation. Valenzuela’s major emphasis regarding the politics of caring was placed on the teachers at Seguin High School. They taught first, second, third and fourth-generation immigrants at the inner city school, but they were unable to truly understand what life was like for Spanish-speaking Americans in an English-only school. She faulted the teachers for claiming that they cared for the students and wanted to help them because all they really did was hold them back. She mentioned an interesting statistic that first and second-generation immigrants performed much better in school than third and fourth. This claim reinforces the economic racism that existed since the Anglo settlers forcefully took land and resources
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from Native Americans. It also confirms that the economic racism has transformed itself
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ALD327ValenzuelaBookReview - Griffin Warner ALD327 October...

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