BA 101 - Matthew Fisher Group 2 Company Research Since its...

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Matthew Fisher- Group 2 Company Research: Since its establishment in 1975, Microsoft has been a leader of innovation in an always evolving industry. Bill Gates, who is known to be the face of the company as well as the chairman of the board, is and always will be searching for new ways to develop the technology industry. Since ever seeing my first computer I have been fascinated with the raw ability the machines possess. Bill Gates saw that ability and capitalized on that almost monopolistically. Microsoft is the leader in manufacturing and distributing operating systems for personal use as well as a dominating force for most of the business world’s IT departments. Personally, I would love to get involved with a company that not only started the industry but maintained dominance over the decades. Google is now at Microsoft’s throat threatening to develop a more powerful operating system, but Steve Ballmer, the CEO of the company, has taken the company in a new direction. With the release of BING, Microsoft has launched a search engine to compete with Google in the internet search engine market. Apple who is also a leading competitor in the industry, takes pride in their portable music players and vivid touch screens, but unfortunately, they simply cannot seem to get a piece of the
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BA 101 - Matthew Fisher Group 2 Company Research Since its...

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