Introduction - BA 101 : Group 2 In t roduction Worksheet...

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BA 101 : Group 2 Introduction Worksheet Matt Fisher 1. Career Goal: What type of career do you aspire to have? Honestly, as a career path I would love to start up an advertising or marketing firm and just build from the ground up. I would like to invest all my time and effort into this company and hopefully see it flourish throughout my working career. Not only for the financial benefits of owning my own company, but also so I maintain an emotion invested interest every project. 2. Major: What is your intended major? Tell me why you decided that major. Within the business school my intended major is finance because I like to see how the market works as a whole instead of accounting working within a single entity. I think finance will suite my career goals a little bit better since I’ll be able to handle my company within the industry and entire market instead of handling internal accounting. 3. Skills/Strengths: What skills or strengths do you have that will allow you to be successful in your intended career field? My two gifts in life are creativity and leadership. Leadership is always vital in an employment situation but especially when you are the boss, now I
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Introduction - BA 101 : Group 2 In t roduction Worksheet...

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