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Routine Request Grading Form, Business Communication Assignment You are part of the newly formed Committee on Web Site Redesign. Its function is to look into the possible redesign of your company Web site. Some managers think that the site is looking a bit dated. The Committee delegates you to ask Cole Prewarski, Web master and manager, some questions. The Committee wonders whether he has done any usability tests on the current site. The Committee wants to know how much a total Web redesign might cost. It also would like to know about the cost of a partial redesign. Someone wanted to know whether animation, sound, or video could be added and wondered if Cole would recommend doing so. Someone else thought that the timing of a redesign might be important. The Committee asks you to add another question or two to your memo. Write a memo to Cole Prewarski, inviting him to a meeting on April 6 so that he can answer these questions in person. Let him know where the meeting will take place. Assume that he knows about the Committee. Give Cole a deadline (end date) for responding to the invitation and a logical reason for the deadline. Student or Team Instructions According to Guffey, memos are one of the most common forms of communication within organizations. Guffey also states that most memos cover nonsensitive information that can be handled in a straightforward manner. One function of memos is for the critical task of requesting data, data that employees need to make decisions that effect the entire organization. In this assignment, you will gain practice in using a memo to request data that you anticipate the receiver will readily agree to supply. Therefore, you will use the direct approach in requesting this data. Send the digital version of your assignment to my WebSpace account and bring one (1) hard copy to clas s. For instructions for sending the digital version of your assignments to me, check the Assignments section of Blackboard. Use the following guidelines for preparing your message: This grading form Guidelines in your textbook for writing routine request messages Guidelines in your textbook for formatting business memos Additional instructions that appear below Use the supplied memo template for your assignment. Please do not alter the template in any way, such as increasing the margins or increasing the font size. Doing so will result in a grade penalty. If you find conflicting information between this grading form and the textbook, then this grading form takes precedence. 1
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Routine Request Grading Form, Business Communication Special Guidelines for Memos – Organization and Content Write a Descriptive Subject Line Write a descriptive subject line. Pg. 173 – Use the subject line to summarize your main idea
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BA 324 - Routine Request Grading Form Business...

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