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Fisher - Bad News Message

Fisher - Bad News Message - To Darren Padding F rom Da te...

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To: Darren Padding From: Matthew Fisher Date: March 25, 2010 Subject: Your Employee-of-the-Month Award Suggestion Hi, Darren, Thank you for showing your enthusiasm for Lakewood Corp. by providing feedback for the Employee- of-the-Month Award. Awarding employees with alcoholic gifts raises several legal questions. Director of Legal Affairs, Jackson Biles, reported that even if the employees sign waivers, Lakewood Corp. remains liable for any harm to the employee or others. This physical liability could result in a financial responsibility that would result in jobs lost to cover the costs. Alcohol can also cause health risks, explaining why some of Lakewood’s employees have decided to stay away from it. Although a case of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey might be an appropriate personal gift; Lakewood has decided to select an alternative reward. However, your thoughts on relaxation helped Lakewood Corp. come up with the spa and massage gift card for two as the new reward. Without your initial suggestion, Lakewood Corp. would have not realized how much the top employees deserve a relaxing break. You have proven your hard work through a clean driving record; I appreciate that. I also look forward to seeing you this Saturday at the company picnic. Sincerely, Matt Matthew Fisher Lakewood Corporation Chief Executive Officer 303 Barton Creek Circle Austin, TX, 78735 [email protected] (512) 822-9099 BA 324 – Business Communication
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Spring 2011 – Holmes WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT #8: Negative Messages: Bad News Letter Due Date:
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Fisher - Bad News Message - To Darren Padding F rom Da te...

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