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Bio 309D Discussion Exercise Names Calorie Calculations Super Size Me Upon hearing that McDonald’s restaurant was being sued for causing obesity, Morgan Spurlock, an independent American filmmaker, decided to conduct an experiment on himself regarding the impact of fast food on his health. For 30 days, Morgan ate every meal at McDonald’s. Although he sampled everything on the menu, and ate a salad every 10 meals, he consumed the caloric equivalent of 9.26 Big Macs per day. The effects on Morgan, who initially was healthy and slim at 6’2” and 185.5 lb, were shocking. 1. Read the nutrition label for a Big Mac. If a g of fat yields 9 calories, what percentage of the 590 calories is fat? How does this compare with the recommended proportion of fat in the diet? 2. For food to have a caloric impact, it must be digested and absorbed. What enzymes and other substances aid in digestion of the macromolecules in each part of the digestive tract? To answer, fill out the table below. Mouth
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Calorie%20Calculations - Bio 309D Discussion Exercise...

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