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WORKS CITED Chow, Gigi, Mark Mattie Yuka Yazaki. “A Single-Center, Double-Blinded, Randomized Controlled Study to Evaluate the Relative Efficacy of Sublingual and Oral Vitamin B-Complex Administration in Reducing Total Serum.” Homocysteine Levels The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 12.9 (Nov 2006): 881-885 < >. Clarke, Robert. “Homocysteine-lowering vitamin B supplements do not improve cognitive performance in healthy older adults after two years.” Evidence-Based Mental Health 10.1 (Feb 2007): 27. Academic OneFile. Gale. University of Texas at Austin. 4 Nov. 2008 < prodId=AONE>.
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Unformatted text preview: Geraghty, E. M. “Vitamins: Their Incidence and Importance.” The American Journal of Nursing 6.3. (Mar 1931): 274-276 Making Treatment Decisions: Vitamin B Complex. 19 June 2007. American Cancer Society. 01 November 2008 < mplex.asp?sitearea=ETO&viewmode=print& > . Nicol, B.M. The Nutrition of Nigerian Peasants, with Special Reference to the Effects of Deficiencies of the Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A and Animal Protein. British Journal of Nutrition 6 (1952): 34-55 Pols, Huibert A.P., Nahid Yazdanpanah, and Joyce B.J. Van Meurs. "Homocysteine, the vitamin B complex family and bone." International Congress Series 1297 (01 Mar. 2007): 151-57....
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