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Kamau 1 Paul M Kamau English 1101 Professor Wilson Date due 1 st July Essay II For many of us, mental retardation is simply a statistic, something that inevitably happens to someone else. Research shows that Autism, for example, has a prevalence which is estimated at 1 in 110 births. It is the fastest-growing developmental disability at 1,148% growth rate. From the outside, everything about their home is ideal. There’s the kids playground with the swings and trampoline. The garage has TVs, lounge chairs and soda machine. Their living room was well furnished with cold leather seats. It wasn’t what I had expected. I thought I’d see fenced compound, charts and labeled items everywhere. I even expected to see the labeler with a label. We sat down with Charlie and talked about him and his family. My mum was doing her orientation. An agency had sent her there to assist him with taking care of the kids. So he was interviewing my mum to see if she was right for the job. Charlie is tall for his age. At sixty he stood at six feet one inch tall. He was easy to talk to. Charlie has adopted two autistic boys, John and Tim, and one with Down’s syndrome, Michael. I wondered why so many. It took a willingness to exercise his moral imagination, to expand his sphere of concern to include people from a completely different background. Charlie himself once had a child with Down’s syndrome. Like all parents, he experienced overwhelming feelings of shock and disbelief. And like all parents he expressed fear and desire to be out of that situation. “I was like a little kid. I wanted to say, “take it away”, but I knew it wouldn’t go away,” he said.
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Essay II - Kamau 1 Paul M Kamau English 1101 Professor...

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