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POLS gov video sheet - Darya Chelene ". So Goes the...

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Darya Chelene “… So Goes the Nation.” 1. The Democratic Party emphasized upon John Kerry’s past and the fact that he served once in the army. The Republican Party criticized his background and choices. They also pointed out how he changed his mind too often and labeled him to be a "flip flopper". 2. The Republican Party made an attack at John Kerry’s reputation, by advertising the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which criticized John Kerry’s record of war time service on the television. They have also publicly announced that he voted against the war, even though he said that he would vote for it. 3. 527 could write one check to fund their campaign; however, they could not communicate with the campaign and often ended up with two different strategies. 4. Democrats focused on persuading swing voters or people who were unhappy with bush. The republicans focused on mobilizing voters and motivating their people to get out and vote 5. The Republicans could not control job losses, the bad state of economy, and the two wars
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POLS gov video sheet - Darya Chelene ". So Goes the...

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