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History essay - Kenya officially became a part of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Kenya officially became a part of the British Empire in 1920. The British introduced a centralized government which was adopted after the countrys independence in 1963. The system of government inherited was similar to the British government in that there was one leader (President) with executive powers. The people have members of parliament to represent them. Government operations are carried out in English. The British were interested in Ivory and agricultural products like Coffee and Tea. Christianity is the major religion. 1 Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe was colonized by the British. Many natural resources attracted British traders like silver and gold. The system of government is theoretically democratic and similar to Britains constitution. Zimbabwe is a republic with a strong presidential system. Zimbabwe officially became free of British rule in 1980. The official language is English which is used in government operations as well as business transactions 2 Chad acquired its independence from France in 1960. The national language is French. The French established control over Chad by 1910 which resulted in brutal exploitation with the natives. They were used for forced labor in extraction of raw materials like wild rubber in the cotton plantations. Oil was a major commodity in Chad. 3 Burkina Faso was once part of the French Colony till 1960. The system of government in Burkina Faso is similar to the French government where its a republic with semi presidential system, a president and a prime minister. The national language is French. Raw materials such as cotton and ground nuts were obtained by the French....
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History essay - Kenya officially became a part of the...

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