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Kamau 1 Paul Kamau Professor K. Wilson English 1101 TR 2:00-4:00 June 3 rd Windsor Castle is absolutely dazzling to the eye inside and outside - with its enormous history, architecture, design, treasures, and landscaping. It was definitely my favorite highlight on my short stay in England. The castle stands as the oldest and most occupied in the world. It’s also the queen’s favorite place of residence. As you enter the castle, Henry VIII's gateway leads uphill into the wide castle precincts, where you are free to wander. Across from the entrance is the exquisite St. George's Chapel. What's special about Windsor is that this where Knight are established as members of the order. I can think of two people who I know have been knighted by the queen, Sir Elton John and Sir Alex Ferguson (Go Manchester United). This ceremony has been practiced for many years like the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Once you’re inside, an audio guide is available for you so that you can get historical
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