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January 27, 2011 PHYS 4132 Homework 2 Due date: February 3, 2011 1. Two infinite parallel wires separated by a distance d carry equal currents I in opposite directions, with I increasing at the rate dI/dt . A square loop of wire of length d on a side lies in the plane of the wires at a distance d from one of the parallel wires. a. Calculate the emf induced in the square loop. b. Is the induced current clockwise or counter clockwise ? Justify your answer. 2. Assume two very long and concentric conductors with inner radius R i and outer R o . The inner conductor carries a current I and the outer conductor carries an equal but opposite current –I . a. Calculate the magnetic field B in all of space. b. Calculate the self inductance per unit length. 3. Two parallel conductors of infinite length carry a current I which is flowing in
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Unformatted text preview: opposite directions in the two wires. The wires are separated by a distance 2 a . A circular conducting ring of radius a in the plane of the parallel wires lies between the two straight conductors and is insulated from them. Find the mutual inductance between the circular conductor and the two straight conductors. 4. A solenoid has an air core of length 0.5 m, cross section 1cm 2 , and 1000 turns. a. Neglecting end effects, what is the self-inductance ? A secondary winding wrapped around the center of the solenoid has 100 turns. b. What is the mutual inductance ? A constant current of 1A flows in the secondary winding and the solenoid is connected to a load of 10 3 ohms. The constant current is suddenly stopped. c. How much charge flows through the resistance ?...
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