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PHYS 4132 -Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Waves- class hours : 12:10-1:30 PM, Tue - Thurs • 118 Nicholson Instructor: Dr. Thomas Kutter office: Nicholson Hall, room no. 220C Office Hours : Tues + Thurs from 2:00 pm to 3:00pm; or immediately after class Or schedule appointment by email or after class Pre-requisites : PHYS 2231 Reminder: Pre-requisites for PHYS2231 are: PHYS 2221 or CHEM 4581 and credit or registration in MATH 2065 and 2090 Description: Continuation of PHYS2231 Electricity and magnetism; quasistatic electromagnetic fields; time dependent phenomena; special relativity, electromagnetic waves and radiation OBJECTIVES: This course should permit you to: 1. Expand your vocabulary of terms used to describe time dependent electromagnetic phenomena and special relativity 2. Become familiar with the fundamental principles which underlie our understanding of special relativity and electromagnetism. 3. Apply the fundamental principles of electrodynamics to new situations and problems. 4. Advance your abilities to read and understand material written on physics which relies heavily on electromagnetism and electromagnetic waves. 5.
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PHYS4132_syllabus - PHYS 4132-Electromagnetism and...

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