PHYS1100 Syllabus Spring 2010

PHYS1100 Syllabus Spring 2010 - PHYSICS 1100, Introduction...

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PHYSICS 1100, Introduction to Physics, Spring 201 1 Section 1, 7:40-8:30 MWF Section 2, 7:40-9:00 TuTh Instructor: Mr. Jim Giammanco, 224 Nicholson Hall, (225) 578-8278 e-mail: [email protected] (please include your full name, course, section, and return e-mail on any messages) Office Hours: 11 :30 -12 :30 MWF, 9-10 TuTh , and by appointment Your instructor is teaching other courses MWF 7:30-8:30 & 9:30-10:30, TuTh 7:30-9:00 & 10:30-12:00, W 1:30-4:30 Text: Halliday and Resnick’s Fundamentals of Physics – Volume 1 , by Jearl Walker, 8 th ed., (LSU Customized) The same text will be used for PHYS-2101 through at least the Fall term of 201 1 . A separate Volume 2 is used for PHYS-2102. Prerequisite/Co-requisite In order to enroll in PHYS-1100 you must have credit for, or be registered in, MATH-1550. If you do not meet this requirement you must receive explicit, written approval from the Associate Chairman of the Physics Department in order to remain in this class. This is “calculus-based physics.” But those of you just now starting your calculus study – don’t panic. You won’t need your calculus skills immediately. But by mid-term you will be expected to be able to use derivatives in problem solving. By the end of the course you will need to use integrals. To advance to PHYS-2101 you must have credit for PHYS-1100, either by placement examination or by taking this course and earning a grade of "C" or better. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING UNIVERSITY REGULATION Students who do not drop this course on or before the last “drop without W” day (Tuesday, Jan 2 5 ), and then later drop by the final withdrawal date ( Monday , April 4 ), will receive a grade of W. However, the number of W grades permitted to a student is now very restricted. You should be able to determine via your PAWS account the number of W grades you are permitted. Once your allotment of W's has been used up, the University will not permit you to withdraw from this course, except by withdrawing from all courses via resignation. The University policy also requires that, if you earn an 'F' this course, you may retake it only once and you must retake it in the LSU system. We encourage you, if you are not sure you will succeed in this course, to strongly consider dropping the course by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, Jan 2 5 . Examinations There will be three hour-long examinations on Thursday evenings from 6-7 pm. The dates are listed on the course calendar. No exam score will be dropped . The final exam will not be used to replace a lowest exam score. No formula sheet will be provided or permitted during examinations . You are expected to learn the necessary relations, definitions, units, etc. Values of physical constants will be provided. duNo books, notes, or other aids other than a calculator, ruler, compass/dividers, and protractor are allowed. No communications or audio/visual devices of any kind (cell phones, pagers, iPods, MP3s, etc) may be brought into the exam room. A cell phone/smart phone, etc., may not be used as your calculator during an exam.
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This note was uploaded on 06/07/2011 for the course PHYS 1100 taught by Professor Giomanico during the Spring '08 term at LSU.

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PHYS1100 Syllabus Spring 2010 - PHYSICS 1100, Introduction...

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