Week 7 Final Project Target Company Report

Week 7 Final - • Beta • Average return on common equity(ROE for past five years • Book value debt to equity price-to-earnings ratio(P/E

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Choose  a public company with a market cap of 2–10 billion dollars.  Use  the stock screener at  http://www.finance.yahoo.com  or another financial Web site  to help you choose a company by size.  Visit  the company Web site to gather information about its organization and business. Write  one paragraph that summarizes how the company is organized and describes  their primary business. Provide  the following information about your chosen company: Name, symbol, market where it is traded, and market cap Industry and the company’s relative position in the industry Capital structure (% assets by debt and equity) Approximate weighted average cost of equity by market cap
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Unformatted text preview: • Beta • Average return on common equity (ROE) for past five years • Book value, debt to equity, price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) Provide a brief synopsis of the company’s relative attractiveness or unattractiveness as if you were a leveraged buyout (LBO) firm representative considering a takeover. Be sure to answer the following question: • Would you recommend buying the target company? Why or why not? Use material from class discussions and the textbook in explaining your decision. Include evidence of the understanding you gained about interest rates, economic conditions, and other class topics...
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