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Rodica Utupan Student ID 107-00-1578 BMGT500 Analysis of the National Sales Manager of Lafarge Romania I. Introduction Founded in 1833, Lafarge is an international company present nowadays in 76 countries and headquartered in France. It is an innovator and leading manufacturer of construction materials that include cement, aggregates, concrete, and gypsum. Its milestones and innovations include the creation of the first research laboratory specialized in cement, the creation of specialized types of cement such as white cement and high temperature resistant cement, the establishment of the first cement plant in North America, first use of industrial waste as alternative fuel, becoming a conservation partner of the WWF. Nowadays, Lafarge is the number one world producer of cement, number two world producer of aggregates, and number three world producer of concrete and gypsum. Lafarge operates on strong values and is striving to be effective, create value for its customers, and protect the environment (www.lafarge.com). Lafarge has a branch in Romania. Lafarge Romania produces cement, aggregates, concrete, and gypsum. This branch’s philosophy is innovation, quality, and diversification. Superior products paired with a strong sales and marketing force ensure the leading position of Lafarge on the Romanian construction material market (www.lafarge.ro). The National Sales Director of the Romanian branch is Ana XXXX. She oversees 3 regional sales managers and 7 senior sales representatives. Mrs. XXXX is in her late thirties and she has been working with the company for the past 7 years. She has a MBA
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Rodica Utupan Student ID 107-00-1578 BMGT500 degree and many certificates of training from both domestic and foreign programs. Before joining Lafarge, Mrs. XXXX has also worked as a National Sales Director for a cement manufacturer for 3 years. Ana XXXX is highly regarded for the work that she does. She possesses very strong leadership skills and is a mentor in this regard for the people in her department. She is a skilled sales person and she has a good understanding of the market for construction materials and its changing conditions. Mrs. XXXX is open-minded, energetic, and approaches things in a positive light. She is friendly, has good communication skills, and can easily persuade people. On the other hand, she can become too involved in certain issues and can lose track of time. As a manager, she must perform the four main managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. She must master each managerial function, but at the same time she must be able to perform several functions at the same time, as the situation requires. II. Planning To achieve organizational success, a manager must be involved in the process of planning. Planning consists of setting goals and determining the ways to reach them. This process ensures that the business is run with certain goals in mind, that resources are used appropriately to reach the established goals, and the necessary tasks to reach those goals
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Term_Paper_Model - Rodica Utupan Student ID BMGT500...

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