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com. banking project - Asset Growth Rate Loans...

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Bank Institution Asset Size Deposits Asset Growth Rate Loans Equity Net Profit/ Loss Return on Equity Net Interest Margin (Billions) (Billions ) (%) (Billions ) (Billions ) (%) (%) Regions 128.3727 98.7106 -6.98 82.8698 15.3348 -251,689 -1.6 3.22 PNC 256.6387 191.9139 -1.41 150.6745 30.7003 2.5 (Billion) 8.17 4.5 SunTrus t 162.5095 126.1124 -1.11 116.3124 19.4799 33.365 (Million) 0.17 3.56 SunTrust Banks, out of the three banks listed seems to be growing faster, because the growth of the company's revenues, earnings, and dividends gained within the last year are higher than the growth rates of both PNC and Regions. For the year ended December 31, 2010, total revenue for SunTrust was $8.7 billion, an increase of $400 million, or 5%, from 2009, which was substantially attributable to higher net interest income. The current year included net gains of $191 million from the sale of securities, compared to net gains of $210 million in 2009 related to the sale of securities and Visa shares. Growth in deposits was driven by lower-cost accounts, including demand, NOW, and money market. 2 Compared to the fourth quarter of 2009, average consumer and commercial deposits increased $2.7 billion, or 2%. For the last fiscal year, The bank experienced a return on average assets (ROA) of 0.02% over the latest four quarters, which
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com. banking project - Asset Growth Rate Loans...

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