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Executive Summary - Executive Summary Roberts Auto Sales...

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Robert’s Auto Sales and Service (RASAS) is a car dealership owned by Vikki Roberts. The dealership consists of three car dealerships that sell and service the makes of American and Japanese cars, two auto parts stores, a large body shop and car painting business, and an auto salvage yard. Vikki Roberts, after acquiring a 1963 Studebaker Avanti, is looking to expand her business by adding a vintage car restoration sector to it. She believes that this venture into this sector would be profitable as well as desirable due the public’s growing interest into the restoration of vintage automobiles. One stipulation that she believed would be helpful would be the restoration of her personal vehicle, a 1963 Studebaker Avanti, which will serve as an exhibit in sales and advertising and will be taken to an auto show to attract business. Some caveats to beginning the restoration of her 1963 Studebaker Avanti is that Roberts will only have 45 working days to do so with a budget of $8500, $1500 of which was already spent in acquiring the vintage automobile. Also, due to her weekly financial constraints, she cannot spend more that $1700 in any week. The restoration consists of 22 tasks. With all the budget stipulations and time constraints, the project is deemed feasible with applicable recommendations. It is our recommendation to delay activity S by one week and also to delay activity U by one week. With the implementation of these recommendations, Ms. Roberts will be able to optimize her spending capacity and stay within her weekly budget constraints which will in turn, result in her expansion of her auto business. The Proposed Business
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Executive Summary - Executive Summary Roberts Auto Sales...

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