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Physics 2048 Lab Report 5 - 9889Physics 2048 Lab Report Lab...

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9889Physics 2048 Lab Report Lab 5: Work- Kinetic Energy Theorem: W= ∆K.E. Date Due: October 7, 2010 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to prove the work kinetic energy theorem, which states that the change in the kinetic energy of a particle during a displacement is equal to the work done by the resultant force on the particle during this displacement. In this experiment we will also see the difference of kinetic energy from gliders that have different masses. For example, the glider that had no additional mass other than the mass
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of the glider itself had a kinetic energy for trial 1 of .0372 joules but the glider that had an additional 1.995 kilograms had a kinetic energy of .4372 joules. Introduction: In Physics, the mechanical energy is the ability to do work. Work is defined as force times the distance through which that force is applied. If the work changes the object’s vertical position, the object’s gravitational potential energy changes. If only the speed of the object changes, then the work- energy theorem will be used to calculate the work. Conservation of energy is the kinetic energy – potential energy. The amount of certain quantities remains fixed, therefore conserved. Theory: According to the work- energy theorem, f an external force acts upon a rigid object, causing its kinetic energy to change from E k1 to E k2 , then the mechanical work ( W ) is given by the equation:
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Physics 2048 Lab Report 5 - 9889Physics 2048 Lab Report Lab...

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