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CHM 1045 EXAM 4 STUDY GUIDE - Definition of a covalent bond...

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CHM 1045 EXAM 4 (FINAL EXAM) STUDY GUIDE Exam 4 (final exam) will be given on Thursday, April 29 th , 3-5 pm , in the usual classroom at Dyson Pharmacy Bld This exam will cover chapters 8 and 9.1-9.6 from the text. Here is an out line of the topics: Chapter 8: Chemical Bonding: General Concepts Definition of ionic bond; electron transfer and formation of ions. Definition of lattice energy and what does it depend on. Noble gas configuration of ions (octet rule). Metal ions that do not obey the octet rule. Lewis structures of atoms, ions, ionic and molecular compounds.
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Unformatted text preview: Definition of a covalent bond Polar and non-polar covalent bonds Dipole moment. Electronegativity and electronegativity trends in the periodic table. Drawing Lewis structures and determination of formal charges. Resonance structures. Chapter 9.1-9.6: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Be able to determine the electron pair geometry and molecular geometry from the Lewis structures of the molecules. Decide if a molecule is polar or non-polar. Understand hybridization, formation of single, double and triple bonds....
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