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Experimental Procedure 8 - 4 The next procedure was the...

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Experimental Procedure 1) Read the instructions on how to operate the oscilloscope. We had to make sure  that we understood the display controls, positions controls, sweep time and trigger  mode, as well as any external connections. 2) Next we made the correct connections of the oscilloscope to complete the  experiment. 3) Next we completed the first experiment on time and frequency. Computing the  time period and frequency using the function generator.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) The next procedure was the measuring voltage. We counted the divisions that appeared on the screen then multiplied that by the VOLT/DIV to gather the appropriate voltage of the wave. 5) Finally the Lissajous Figures experiment required us to adjust the generator frequency to various settings to gather various images. We then observed the stationary and moving patterns that were created....
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