History - Book Review Questions Dr. Cohen 10/17/2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Book Review Questions Dr. Cohen 10/17/2008 Charles Banks Ms. Clark was a very kind woman this is shown through her kind act of allowing other cooks such as Sallie to bring their children to work. This act allowed Sallie to spend more time with her children instead of being like the average cook during this era whom spent most of their time at work and away from their families. Charles Banks mother worked as a cook for the Clark family. Although most cook and mistress relationships are ones of conflict, this one was a loving one. In fact these families were so close that Charles was actually born in a shack on the Clarks property. By the time this event occurred the two families had became quite close. The Banks and Clark family had a very unique employee and employer relationship. The Banks had social status as being desired with white families; this means they were looked as being better than other black families. The Clark treated Charles with love. So much so that in the letter he wrote later on in his life to Booker T. Washington he described the connection that existed between his family and the Clarks as, it is possible for the kindliest of feeling to exist between people though different races (8). This close relationship between the two families would give Charles a different outlook on the relationship of people of different races. By definition the term elite means a group of people exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group. To get accepted into the old elite the standards were quite simple. They believed that to be a part of the old Negro elite you needed to have a good education, a good job and wealth. The appropriate skin tone was also a major component to be accepted into the elite. War status could also allow a person to be accepted into this group. By war status I mean that if someone in your family fought against slavery in the war and they prospered in this act, therefore creating a name for your family within the black community your family would also be considered as the elite. Also if someone in your family was free before the war one could be allowed to be considered a part of the old elite. These were the main requirements for your acceptance. Once in the old elite they mainly focused their efforts on teaching blacks etiquette, manners, and how to dress. The new elite were mainly self-made men and women. The new black elite focused less on the expressing themselves. Charles and his wife were apart of this new black elite. This new black class of Negros remained religiously close to Booker T. Washington thinking of self- reliance and self-help. In this new black class skin tone and texture was not a criteria to join. The New Negro Elite were more concerned with financial security, business achievements, and income. Many of the men in the New Negro elite were highly figure in Washingtons National Business League. Though they had different standards/requirements they still maintained similar Business League....
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History - Book Review Questions Dr. Cohen 10/17/2008...

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