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Marketing - entrée that you want Marketing…duh When...

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01/08/09 MAR 3023 Page 33, Assignment # 4 I think that it is very funny to me when people say that their lives are not affected by marketing. From the little that I know about Marketing, I know that Marketing is everywhere, from the radio to television to signs that you see on the side of the road. I know that there are many different facets to Marketing, the most obvious one if the advertisements that one see s on television or hear on the radio. Let me ask you this “ When you go to the store to buy something that you have been wanting for months, how did you hear about this product? How did you know that this is something that you want?” Marketing…duh! We all know that as a society, we are very picture based, therefore how do you know that when you go to a restaurant that that is the
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Unformatted text preview: entrée that you want? Marketing…duh! When there is a sale in the mall, how do you know? Marketing…duh! Another facet to marketing that we use, especially as students, is the ability to market ourselves. We have to know what are the best things to say and when to say them. Also we have to know what not to say. We use the fundamentals of Marketing to do that. We as students have to be able to market ourselves so that we seem like the best possible candidate for the job. Marketing is in so many places, I do not think people can possibly understand the magnitude of it, so when people go as far as to say that Marketing is unimportant, they clearly do not understand the fundamentals and the basics of Marketing....
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