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Chapters: 5,7,8,9 3 types of problem solving behaviors: extended, individual, habitually extended- involves carefully putting together information and involve extended problem solving and carefully going through the steps, i.e. buying a new house habitually- consumers make little or no conscious effort, i.e. buying cereal Define level of involvement How important we perceive the consequences of the purchase to be. 4 items related to the consumer purchasing decision process: steps of the process 1. Problem recognition 2. Information search 3. Evaluation of alternatives 4. Product choice 5. Post purchase evaluation Define brand loyalty A pattern of repeat product purchases, postive attitude based on the belief that the brand makes products superior to those of its competition. Identify the 3 main categories of influences that effect the consumer making process 1. Social influences- culture, subculture social class, and group memberships 2. Internal Influences- perception, motivation, learning, attitudes, personality, age groups and lifestyles. 3. Situational influence- physical environment and time Level of needs of Maslow’s Hierarchy An approach that categorizes motives according to five levels of importance. 1. Self Actualization- sefl-fulfillment, enriching experiences 2. Ego needs- prestige, status, accomplishments 3. Belongingness- Love, friendship, acceptance by others 4. Safety- security, shelter, protection
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5. Physiological- Water, sleep, food Examples of personality traits important to marketers 1. Innovativeness-Degree to which a person likes to try new things. 2.
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Chapters - Chapters: 5,7,8,9 3 types of problem solving...

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