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Physics 2048 Lab Report 4 - Physics 2048 Lab Report Lab 9...

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Physics 2048 Lab Report Lab 9: Archimedes’ Principle Date Due: November 4, 2010 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate Archimedes Principle both in concept and in magnitude. An Archimedes Principle state that the buoyant force on an object wholly or partially submerged in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. If the buoyant force is less than the object’s weight, even when the object is fully submerged, Newton’s second law tells us there will be a downward acceleration. The magnitude of the buoyant force can be calculated by weighing an object in the fluid and out of it. The difference between the dry weight and the submerged weight is equal to the buoyant force. The
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buoyant force that was calculated for the first object, brass cylinder was .1996 N using the third equation. The same force using the first equation was calculated to be .1960 N. Introduction: In physics , buoyancy is an upward acting force, caused by fluid pressure, that opposes an object's weight. The pressure exerted on the object is not the same near the top of the fluid as it is on the surfaces more deeply submerged. If the object is either less dense than the liquid, the force can keep the object afloat. This can occur only in a reference frame, which either has a gravitational field or is accelerating due to a force other than gravity defining a downward direction. In a situation of fluid statics, the net upward buoyancy force is equal to the magnitude of the weight of fluid displaced by the body. A prime example of this theory is when someone
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Physics 2048 Lab Report 4 - Physics 2048 Lab Report Lab 9...

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