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project - Assistant Professor J Kerr Final Exam STAT 6509...

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Assistant Professor J. Kerr Final Exam STAT 6509 Spring 2011 Instructions: Final exam solutions are due by 2pm (6pm for section two) on Thurs- day, June 9th. The preferred method of submission is as a .doc or .pdf file attahed in an email from your horizon account. The subject line of your email should read STAT 6509 Take Home Final Exam and your name should be part of the filename for the attachment. Otherwise, you may hand it in personally at 2pm (6pm for section two) in VBT 222. Make sure your name is on the report you submit. Your exam should be no longer than five pages (12pt font) single spaced. All code used should be in an appendix at the end of your report and does not count towards the five page limit. You are to complete this using methods learned in this class. There is to be no col- laboration with anyone. If you have a question, your only resources are your book, notes and professor (no internet). You will be graded on the validity of your results as well as writing style. Be sure to include any plots you reference. You are only allowed one submission of your final
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