ProblemSet9 - Economics 3203 – Fall 2010 Problem Set 9 Gender& Race Unemployment Does not need to be turned in – use as preparation for

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Unformatted text preview: Economics 3203 – Fall 2010 Problem Set # 9: Gender & Race; Unemployment Does not need to be turned in – use as preparation for Final Exam 1. Last year there were 20,000 people in the labor force in Scandahoovia, and 16,000 of them had jobs. Due to a poor economy in Dead End Falls, 5,000 people migrated to Scandahoovia to seek work. Since this migration, 3,500 of the migrants found work, 2,000 of the other unemployed job seekers found work, and 2,500 workers were laid off. What was the unemployment rate last year in Scandahoovia? What is the new unemployment rate there? Thinking in terms of the stock-flow model, is most of the unemployment rate due to a stock of perpetually unemployed or due to flows in and out of unemployment? 2. Suppose a law firm in Gainesville currently has 100 attorneys. Of these attorneys, 75 are white males, 10 are white females, 10 are minority males, and 5 are minority females. The law firm has a goal of becoming more representative of society in terms of its racial distribution (this could be their own idea or a result of...
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